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What is low-carb/keto & is it right for me?

Keto is not just another calorie controlled or calorie-restrictive diet.

A ketogenic diet is about controlling insulin levels (the fat-storage hormone that also makes us feel hungry). When you eat a carbohydrate-laden meal, your body produces insulin to deal with the sugar (all carbohydrates are broken down into sugars during digestion, no matter what their source). Although carbohydrates (carbs) are an excellent source of energy, the body cannot use them for anything else, therefore excess carbs are stored as fat. Interestingly, there are no essential carbs that the body needs to maintain energy levels for normal function, only essential amino acids (from protein) and fatty acids (from natural fat sources).

The ketogenic diet focuses on the body’s ability to use fats as its main energy source rather than carbs.


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