In order to use the mentorship service, please see below for a list of our mentors. We have included a short bio to help you choose the most appropriate person for you. Simply email your chosen mentor at the email address given (you will need to copy and paste this into your email software), and they will advise you of their availability


Zoe has been a huge asset to the group, not to mention one of its best and longest term success stories.  She has incorporated a  ketogenic  diet to help her repair ulcerative colitis and chronic migraines. Zoe uses weight training walking and running to stay in the best of health and generously gives her time to help moderate the group,  her advice is fabulous and those she has mentored have been very successful, especially in understanding the long term health benefits of this way of eating. 

 Zoe openly admits that she initially thought to use keto as a short term weight loss plan but soon realised that the benefits far outweigh the perceived drawbacks.  We highly recommend Zoe’s no nonsense approach and her understanding of the body’s responses to fuelling with ketones instead of sugar.  

1 month mentoring is £25


 Paul’s journey has been extraordinary, his weight loss totals 7 stone to date and he’s still going! Paul thought women wouldn’t want to be mentored by a man but it turns out the ladies love him! The talented Mr Ripley will assist you in every aspect of your keto journey and has some fabulous recipes and ingenious ways of keeping on top of electrolytes . Paul is pretty modest but the group has benefited hugely from his experience and understanding of the hormonal changes we often face on our journey.

Paul offers mentorship for one month for £35


 Lin was so shy when she first started moderating the group but a combination of the certified keto diploma and amazing personal success on this journey has transformed her into one of our most successful mentors. We have had such lovely feedback because she really does go above and beyond in helping you to achieve your goals. The members who have benefited from her guidance will and have happily shared their experience on the group.

Lin offers one calendar months mentorship for £35


Debbie was introduced to a ketogenic lifestyle by Dr Rami Cohen in South Africa 25 years ago when she was struggling with mysterious symptoms which 15 years later were diagnosed as Fibromyalgia / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  

When Debbie moved to the UK in 2003, she retrained, gaining Diploma’s in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Coaching and Hypnotherapy and the Ketogenic Lifestyle.   She also trained to become a Real Meal Revolution Consultant, the world renowned program started by Professor Tim Noakes. She has since worked full time helping people overcome weight and health issues. 

Not only does Debbie have a wealth of experience with the practicalities of Keto and Low Carb High Fat, she is skilled at helping people change their relationship with food such as overcoming addictions, breaking unhelpful sabotage patterns, understanding why we resort to food when emotional and how to keep going when you really want to give up.   

If you choose Debbie to help you, you will benefit from;

Membership to Real Meal Revolution’s website which includes:

Weight / measurement / blood glucose and ketosis trackers & progress graphs

  • Food Tracker
  • Meal Plans
  • Recipes
  • Shopping Lists
  • Forum Support

Weekly face to face personalised telephone coaching for 30 mins

An abundance of encouragement and motivation.

Debbie charges £60 per month and her email address is debbiehsaunders@gmail.com


Debbie Saunders  D.Hyp, PDCBHyp

Certified Ketogenic / Low Carb / Banting Coach

Cognitive Behavioural Therapist & Coach 

Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist


Belle was initially quite reluctant to take on the role of a mentor (we couldn’t understand why as in group her advice was spot on!). Once she took the leap she became an absolute superstar…

Mentees love her down to earth and sympathetic approach (one has even sent her flowers!). Her life experience and qualification as a certified ketogenic nutritionist, along with her keeping up with the latest research surrounding the field means she is ideally placed to offer advice, knowledge and support.

Belle has extensive experience with yoyo dieting and metabolic damage and advocates the ketogenic way of eating for its many health benefits, as well as weight loss.

Mentorship is £35 for one calendar month


 Michelle’s journey has possibly been harder than most due to poor health in the past. Having to give up work due to adverse post surgery side effects from cancer treatment, she became restricted in mobility and dietary requirements, causing significant weight gain.

Having tried various different diets with little success, she started eating low carb with very little guidance until she found the ketogenic lifestyle. She spent time researching the benefits and science behind the keto way of eating.

Michelle started as a member of the keto uk community facebook group, helping in the background, but soon became one of our most useful moderators. She has probably calculated more macros and deleted more reported posts than anyone else 🙂

Michelle is so generous with her time and has followed the group guidelines with the cleanest version of keto, but she can certainly help you with planning your food, fabulous advice and keeping you motivated

One calendar months mentorship is £35


Jo began her keto adventure in April 2018 – well began it seriously let’s say, there had been some lowering of carbs for a while but when all the research & science had been examined – and boy does she love the science (she does by the way!).  Keto and time restricted eating seemed to just make sense. Now even though she believed in the science she didn’t believe it would actually work, so said let’s give it a week, then a month and then three months. And so the adventure continued until she had gone from a size 26 to a size 12 and had lost 60kg in ten months.

And whilst losing the weight she also lost her IBS, her PoTS got much much better and her hypermobility whilst it will always be there means that joints now only semi dislocate not fully!  She hates the gym and dodges that but likes to go on long walks with her husband and two children.

In the past Jo was a chef and still loves to cook, so keto has meant lots of experiments to make sure that her family is fed with tasty and nutritious meals.

She’s a no nonsense, straight talking kinda gal; that comes with lashings of empathy.  So, whether you need a kick in the rear or a virtual hug then Jo is the one to support you to get where you need to go.

One months mentorship is £35


Ian or as he prefers to be called, Ginge has been a fabulous addition to our team, his work behind the scenes building resources and files for the group is highly appreciated by members and mods alike.  Ian has also had a lot of personal success following a ketogenic diet within the constraints of a busy family and social life.

Ian charges £35 per calendar month to walk you through every aspect of Keto, how and why it works, which medication will help or hinder your success and of course his own tips and tricks to keep you on the right path.
He will set and help maintain your macros that are right for you and your lifestyle, advise on electrolytes, and help with which foods to avoid and of course enjoy! Ian is was a chef for 10 years and has a wealth of food recipe ideas, he has adapted many “western standard diet” meals into Keto friendly versions, though he freely admits to not yet finding a bread that is “just right”.

His hours are variable, he works full time as a Project Manager during normal office hours and is most likely to respond to emails during the evening or weekends.


I am 38years old and a mother of 3 children. I have been keto for almost 3 years. My story begins like many of yours, I piled on weight after having children and struggled to control my binges and had no idea how to cook properly or which foods were best to eat. Let’s face it, there is so much conflicting information out there in regard to nutrition and the doctors even drum it into our heads about five a day and eating carbs. I have tried every diet known to man and all the shakes and pills. Some diets I succeeded in for a while, and the weight would pile back on. Nothing seemed to work for me, and I was literally a yo-yo for years. Weight would go up and down repeatedly. I was 240lb at my heaviest and that is when I was diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. I was desperate and began looking into diets on the internet. I found keto by accident and the science fascinated me so much I did a lot of research and studying and enrolled in my courses. Within just 6 months of eating ketogenically, understanding how food reacts with my body and controlling it I dropped from 240lb to 150lb and I have remained that weight ever since. I believe in the classic keto which is high fat, moderate protein and low carbs and super clean eating.



Courtney has been researching a ketogenic lifestyle for over a year and has used it to help various  severe ailments,  from fibromyalgia to M.E. She is very passionate about the healing properties and has had a good weight loss success too, she has also very kindly given her time and knowledge to people struggling financially so can also help with keto on a budget.  

Courtney is prepared to do individual meal plans for you and these are difficult and time consuming so are offered in conjunction with a months mentorship,  please contact her for prices . 

Courtney is one of our newest mods but her input even before then has been absolutely invaluable.  




Erika is one of our resident athletes 😊 she has gone through fat adaption and come through the other side, no mean feat I assure you! Her advice in group on every aspect of a ketogenic lifestyle is impeccable. She’s actually phenomenal,  working full time, raising a little one and achieving her own personal health goals might seem like plenty yet she still finds time to mentor with huge success,  those who follow Erika’s advice are thrilled with the results because she leads by fabulous example.  

Erika charges £35 for a months mentoring.  




Jo has a young family works to a tight budget, she incorporates her Keto journey inspiring awe from the whole team with her sheer determination and great humour in the face of adversity. Her advice has been sound at every turn, and group and team members alike love her.

Jo has lost a phenomenal 11 stone plus, she has fought through every aspect of Keto, from hair loss to plateaus and come through with humour and dignity and most importantly, knowledge. She runs a local keto group on the Isle of Wight. She is also raising a low carb family so is happy to discuss any aspect of this.

Her mentees have high praise for her and she works tirelessly to help and encourage their journey.

One months mentorship is £35


Paul joined the mod group after consistent and encouraging advice to members brought him to our attention, he has 12 years  low-carb / keto experience and has lost a total of 7 stone himself,  he took to mentoring like a duck to water! Paul’s journey has been inspiring and he has helped so many in both low carb and full ketogenic dieting.  Paul has a really  positive outlook and has done the ketogenic diet diploma and an intermittent fasting diploma,  

he  gives each mentee his all. We highly recommend him for anyone looking to lose weight in their own time, quickly and then recovering metabolism or slowly without damaging it because he understands that we all have our own path to follow.  

He also offers advice on gym time, body re-composition, and supplements (where required) being an avid gym user himself 

Paul offers a months mentoring for £35



Steve is one of our fittest mentors, he likes to follow a more basic simple but effective approach, but his advice on a simple weight loss plans are excellent. He also always tries to encourage people to move a little bit more and become a bit more active, He can talk you through every aspect of your journey and if you already incorporate exercise or intend to, he will spell out the potential pitfalls and benefits for you. Steve has been a fabulous addition to our team and has used variations of keto to reach his own personal goals, he has a great understanding of the physiology of the human body for both men and women.
Steve has a practical and realistic outlook and fully appreciates the restrictions of family life and people with busy schedules, so is very understanding about what goals are realistic for that individual as he is a busy family man himself,
He charges £35 Per month with discount available for extra months, contact him for more details.