These are simple recipes to show you how quick and easy it can be to cook great, tasty, healthy keto meals. There are also plenty of recipes available from our online colleagues.

Fish in wasabi butter

Buttered kale/spring greens – healthy knob of butter in a pan, 1/2 cup of water, cover and steam until al dente (or to taste). Remove lid for last couple of minutes to allow most of water to boil off.

Any unsmoked fish pan fried in butter until cooked.

To make wasabi butter mix wasabi paste or powder into salted butter, tasting frequently until it suits your taste.

Plate greens with liquid from pan as dressing, place fish on top and spread with your wasabi butter. Season to taste.

Eat. Enjoy very much…

Awesome burger

Burger in between fried halloumi with cheddar, guacamole, bacon, fried egg, tomatoes and spinach

Vegetable curry with cauliflower pilau rice:





Creamy buffalo chicken thighs:

 Just roast chicken thighs covered in a sauce of butter, cream, garlic, hot sauce, parsley and chives

paprika pork belly in cream sauce and baked egg:

Keto Fried chicken (KFC LOL)

Cheese taco shells with beef,guacamole and bacon


BUNLESS Bacon cheeseburger

Garlic and herb pork belly with camembert