Michelle’s journey has possibly been harder than most due to poor health in the past. Having to give up work due to adverse post surgery side effects from cancer treatment, she became restricted in mobility and dietary requirements, causing significant weight gain.

Having tried various different diets with little success, she started eating low carb with very little guidance until she found the ketogenic lifestyle. She spent time researching the benefits and science behind the keto way of eating.

Michelle started as a member of the keto uk community facebook group, helping in the background, but soon became one of our most useful moderators. She has probably calculated more macros and deleted more reported posts than anyone else 🙂

Michelle is so generous with her time and has followed the group guidelines with the cleanest version of keto, but she can certainly help you with planning your food, fabulous advice and keeping you motivated

If you would like to be mentored by Michelle please ask for more details at