Ian or as he prefers to be called, Ginge, has been a fabulous addition to our team, his work behind the scenes building resources and files for the group is highly appreciated by members and mods alike.  Ian has also had a lot of personal success following a ketogenic diet within the constraints of a busy family and social life.

Ian charges £25 per calendar month to walk you through every aspect of Keto, how and why it works, which medication will help or hinder your success and of course his own tips and tricks to keep you on the right path.
He will set and help maintain your macros that are right for you and your lifestyle, advise on electrolytes, and help with which foods to avoid and of course enjoy! Ian is was a chef for 10 years and has a wealth of food recipe ideas, he has adapted many “western standard diet” meals into Keto friendly versions, though he freely admits to not yet finding a bread that is “just right”.

His hours are variable, currently mostly available during normal office hours and less likely to respond to emails during the evening or weekends.